W. B. Mook (thedeadfisharmy) wrote,
W. B. Mook

On Vox: More fun than VOX

(Or at least the same amount of fun with less effort, thus producing a higher happiness quotient.)

As my good friend Unkie Dev pointed out, my posting here has been lagging lately.  Partly, this is because I got berated for watching goofy videos on the internet when I should have been working, but it is also because I have diversified my time-wasting portfolio to include the following:

  • Promoting Fezzik, Greenland on Yarold's Samurai War Link Exchange - Actually, this is sort of a crass lie.  Mostly, Boots spends her evenings link farming to promote Zizzle, Sri Lanka.  The mindless simplicity of the process, and her compulsive pursuit of it are fascinating.  One night, she volunteered to click links on my behalf, which resulted in my account getting BANNED 4 LIFE!  So, I'm faced with the prospect of arguing with 13 year olds that I am legit, or just giving up on the whole thing and leaving Fezzik unemployed, in Greenland.  Of course, if someone else wants to take on stewardship of this little 'berg, I'm sure you could click to your heart's content.
  • Playing Kingdom of Loathing on my lunch break - I am currently a level 13 Accordian Thief and I am waging war against the Hippies on the Mysterious Island of Mystery.  My trouble is that as I am (disguised as an Orcish frat boy) I can't actually manage to hit any of my opponents. Soon, I hope to reach my first Ascension  and become a Sauceror under the Moxie zodiac sign.  Doesn't that sound like fun?
  • Submitting random crap to my Tumblog - Tumblr is so much damned fun.  Basically making a post is as simple as using a bookmarklet and making a few clicks.  It sort of feels like randomly looting the internet for goodies.
  • Browsing for random content with the help of Flock - I do so very much love the RSS reader in Flock.  With it, I can scan random images from the web with easy and loot them into my Tumblog:
    It's especially good for scrolling through Tumblogs, Ffffound, and my Ravelry friend activity.

    The "My World" page is a fancy console for checking out what all is being updated by friends around the web.  (It ties in with Facebook, and I think that as soon as I'm done with this post I am going to sign up.  That is unless someone comes by my desk with something more valuable that I'm supposed to be doing.)
  • Racking up points on PMOG for taking other players' tours of the web - PMOG has a fair amount in common with Me.dium (or however you place the periods) in that you install an extension, and can see notations left by other players on the web.  It has two main advantages over Me.dium, however.  The first is a kickin' steampunk aesthetic and some "game play" to it.  The second is that one of the main ways you interact with other players is by taking "Missions" which are like little website slide shows that players assemble.  I've taken one on Fantasy Art, one on Roller Derby, one on Libertarianism, etc.  For each TLD you visit, you get two points.  Points are spent on goodies and also let you "level up".  The benefits of increasing your level are a little beyond me at this point, but going on a mission is a fantastic way to kill five minutes learning about something new.  At some point when I have another slow day like this, I'm going to have to make a few missions, myself.  I get to invite two people per week to join, and I'd love to have some company here.  (When I signed up, it took almost no time to get from invite request to being on the site, so maybe the invite codes aren't a big deal.)

There you go.  I hope you join me on some of these time-wasting diversions.

Originally posted on eightysixfourhundred.vox.com

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