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In the name of market research, Boots and I have been playing NeoPets lately.  Well, Miss Bootsie has always had a special place in her heart for mindless flash games, so I was basically just asking an alcoholic to go through my wine cellar and let me know if she found anything worth drinking.  (Don't get me wrong-- the hours I've whiled away on video games trump her obsession with Zookeeper a thousand times over.  I just tend to play the sort of video game which wants to take over your whole computer/television screen.)  Anyway, combine that with a string of No Reservations shows on the Travel Channel, and you've got a sure fire recipe for over stimulation.  It didn't entirely help though when Mr. Bourdain said, "It was like a Motel Six had sex with a renaissance faire and then crammed in a breakfast nook and a crummy bar."

I almost passed out from laughing.

In other news, I am intensely jealous that I am not at SXSW this week, but I figured that my chances of talking it up as a networking trip to drum up business would be limited.  Next year, though, I am so going to try that route.

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