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Watercooler to the World

A hip alternative to Reader's Digest

W. B. Mook
16 May 1976
I have more or less become a full time Vox resident though I still linger around here to keep up with friends and communities, but if you want to catch up on my latest live drivel, head on over there.
1920s, aeon flux, alfred jarry, animaniacs, animation, ars magica, art deco, art nouveau, baron von munchausen, baz luhrman, bishop golias, black crowes, blues, boardwalks, bollywood, bonzo dog band, bunnies, carnivals, clutch, comic books, crazy daisy ed, custard mite of glut, dada, daniel p. mannix, daniel pinkwater, day of the dead, dia de los muertos, diamond jim brady, doctor demento, elephant and bad baby, emma peel, emmy hennings, esoteric interest lists, faeries, felting, flappers, folklore, found magazine, freak shows, froufrou liquor, ghede, giant robots, gir, goliards, gonzo journalism, gravelly voices, grim fandango, group narrative, haruki murakami, hats, hedwig, hobos, hooverphonic, hugo ball, hunter s. thompson, iconographic art, indian music videos, invader zim, jean-pierre jeunet, jet grind radio, jim jarmusch, john held jr., john steed, jorge luis borges, julie taymor, just kidding about bunnies, kitsch, knitting, krispy kreme, kung fu, lambics, liquid television, lucha, luigi pirandello, machiavelli, maelstrom, masks, midways, mike royko, mini golf, mixed media, mobity mosely, monkeys, murray the talking skull, my feminist wife, nasal voices, nero wolfe, number forty-eight, ocean city, ok soda, old man murray, oral history, oscar wilde, parker lewis can't lose, pear cider, penny slum, psychogram, road shows, road trips, roadside attractions, robots, sam and max, santeria, sea shanties, secret societies, skeeball, snarking out, sock monkeys, soul coughing, st. james infirmary blues, steampunk, terry gilliam, the breeders, the decemberists, the snarkout boys, the specialists, the travelling nation, the wild dada ducks, tom waits, trader joe's, tramps, untenable philosophies, utah phillips, vaudeville, voodoo, waffle house, watching people knit, weekly world news, young adult novel, zeetv